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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

Powdering a Powder Room

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I've always felt a powder room is a room where you can just have some fun! We loved our powder room in our last home, and so we wanted to try and replicate that. It has a "theater" theme. Doug's family were extremely involved in New York theater and so this room has been sort of an homage to that family legacy.

The inspiration jumping point were the 4 cherished Hirschfeld drawings that Doug's father received from the artist.


The room as a good size and has a nice window with original plantation shutters. The floors were hardwood and were able to be refinished to match the rest of the house. The cabinet had to go, and when we took it out the first, and only, real problem was uncovered.

Mold. Fortunately, it was a small leak and easily fixed. All the wall board was removed and replaced and the floors were able to be repaired. New molding and we were ready for the new cabinet which I bought online.


The new cabinet is black with pretty legs and marble sink and top. I chose a stacked marble tile backsplash and bronze hardware. The walls are painted a bronzy gold. Our accessories are all black and gold and collections of family theater memories.

It's simple and functionally elegant. I have not been able to duplicate the Shakespeare hand painted quotes I had on the walls of our previous powder room but I have not given up. I'll keep searching for a local artist. Until then, it's a sweet powder room.

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