December, 2018! My darling big sister Claudia and hubby Jeff came for a wonderful weekend of golf, football, touring and dining! Here's to 45 years of friendship! 

Sorority sister Karen Klubunde is house hunting at the Landings from Atlanta. Fingers crossed she and Dave make Savannah their new home!

Mimi Cuellar flew in for 24 hours and her fabulous India Hicks Collection. 2018

July 2018: Ken and Diane Graves visit from Rhode Island!

BFF & PT Cristy Burchill arrived to play golf, play and begin the planning of daughter Catie's Savannah Wedding, May, 2019!

Sister Pamela visits in May!

Kristen Ryan!

A birthday visit in January, 2018  filled with touring and eating oysters and specialty cocktails.

For the Savannah Book Festival February 2018~ Laray Brown visits Savannah!

En route to Florida, John & Joy Tolar visit!


Claudia and Barb made their visit to Savannah to enjoy all the March festivities. Perfect weather, great parade and a weekend of eating, drinking and revelry! Great friends for a perfect visit.

Chris & Shawn, October 2017!

My brother and fiancé arrived from Grover Beach CA for a week of frivolity! So glad to welcome them to Savannah.

Member Guest  2017!

Welcoming my BFF Susan Ascher for the Moon River Classic Golf weekend; themed Breakfast at Tiffany's hence our attire and the golf cart decorations! Didn't score well but had a grand time!

Fall, 2017: A visit first from Brittany and Ernie Bello of NYC as they headed to Athens for a UGA game and then back to us with her parents - longtime friends Mark Miller and Linda Zuffa of Sarasota. A great visit with dear friends we miss!

Matters in the House!

The Donker-Dupre family visits Savannah! And came on out to see our island paradise. Sure was great to have the whole family visit. College visits and a some time to take in the sites. 

Katherine Evans and Ralph Winters are on the hunt for their "forever" location and added Savannah to the mix and we sure did LOVE showing them around. Great friends and old neighbors visit the Landings and our city!

NJ gal-pal Marie Kjellberg come to restaurant week in Savannah and to visit her friend Lisa, who we LOVED and we sure enjoyed their stop over for breakfast. Now, we need Marie and Karl to head on down here permenantly. 

What a treat to be able to reconnect with 30 year friends who'd moved south years ago. Welcome Kris and Steve Kline to our home for a visit as they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in Savannah!

She's Baaaccck. It's ALWAYS a good day when Mary's in town. One of my dearest friends now has some very impressive clients (food!) in Savannah so her visits are frequent and OH SO JOYOUS! 

July, 2017 we welcomed Charlotte, Clara, Beth and Sean McCourt as part of their summer adventures; Charlotte participated in Savannah's Girl Scout QuestFest and got to enjoy their visit and host them at The Landings.

One of our first visitors 2017 to Savannah were Cathy and Paul Desjardin and we were having such a good time at A Lure and Rocks on the River we forgot to take a photo. Next time! 

Camilla Crist was a dear friend from my earliest days in NYC at Milliken and she and her pilot husband Ron came to Savannah, summer 2017. We had a blast!

Mary McMillen was our first overnight guest of 2017! A first timer to Savannah she embraced our city and was a super good sport about staying in a home still under construction. 

One of dearest childhood friends, Shelby Challenger (we met in 7th grade at Mellon Jr. High in Pittsburgh) retired to nearby Hilton Head Island, SC about the same time we moved. We are happy to have her as a regular guest and she and I spend a good deal of time together now; shopping, dining, playing. Pretty much what we did as kids, except now we have some money. She will come to Savannah, I go to HH and often we all meet up in Bluffton. Blessings to have this precious long time friend back in my every day life. 

Darling Kathy Owens blew into Savannah to catch a glimpse of her "traveling through Savannah" friends Daisha and Shpresa. How fun for me to crash the party as make-shift tour director. Here we are "toasting" our fun at a wine tasting at Savannah Bee Co. Sure glad to be part of your fun, gals, and to show you a bit of my new city!

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