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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

Reworking the Workrooms

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

What started out as the laundry room just did not function well for us. It was small and oddly located off the dining room. We widened the hallway when we relocated the entrance to the kitchen; then moved back the wall of this "laundry" room so that this room could function as the perfect walk-in pantry. The old door opened into the room, taking up too much space, so we replaced that with a "barn door". And this room has a window so we chose a barn door with frosted glass which allows the light in the hallway.


This room used to be a small laundry room.

We took out all the cabinets (I did save that old "ironing board" in a cupboard and reused it). We removed popcorn ceilings and linoleum flooring. And reworked the wall to open up the hallway.

We patched all the walls, added better lighting and had a closet company install functional shelving and drawers. And our hardwood flooring guy was able to seamlessly match the floor so that the hardwood continues into this new pantry.

So where did the Laundry Room go?

There was a small 4th bedroom in the very back of the house near the garage entrance. It had it's own bathroom that was dated and not in great shape. We gutted the entire space.

Bedroom & Bath BEFORE

First we took out the bathroom, including an old tub, and took out the entire wall between the bedroom and bath.

The room had great windows, which remained. We ripped up all the linoleum and carpeting and laid new subfloor and then a high traffic water proof laminate.

We've saved all the old kitchen cabinets (they were a "pickled pine" which is not my style but they were all quality hardwood and in good shape) and piece by piece we reworked them into this space. My patient crew let me experiment with where they could all go for total function. I was creating a space we call the Craft Room. It functions as our laundry room, and a craft/sewing room. It has fantastic storage and in many ways replaces a basement (which do not exist on our island) and where I'd stored so much for so many years. It's now super efficient and convenient.

The results are pretty sweet!

My old kitchen table works so well as a project table.

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