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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

Watermelon Cosmo

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I am a connoisseur of Cosmopolitan cocktails. It's my go-to drink, and has been for years. I'm experimenting with new recipes and how to incorporate local produce to change it up a bit.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in Georgia are a nearly never-ending abundance. From mountains in the north or the wide coastal plains, where we live, the farmers stands are overflowing. Right now, in June, the peaches are in full swing, sweet Vidalia onions are everywhere and my favorite - watermelon - is at it's peak. With this much available I'm experimenting all the time.

Buying watermelon off our neighborhood truck eliminates the dilimea in the grocery store of "is this a good one". Local farmers have not steered me wrong. I sliced up most of a whole one and then froze the pieces overnight. The rest of it I pureed and made juice. The next day I chopped the frozen pieces in my food processor into fine crystals and froze handfuls in small freezable containers. (in various sizes so I can pull out what I need for 2, 4 or 6 drinks at a time)

I mixed two parts Tito's (my favorite) Vodka with one part lime juice and Triple Sec per drink. Use a pitcher for more. Poured in a bit of the watermelon juice and then dumped in a scoopful of the frozen watermelon crystals. A slice of lime. Voila!

It's summer here. Our first Savannah summer. So far, it's perfection.

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