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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

His Tree House, My Perch.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

This is my closet/dressing room. It is amazing. It came about from a little room off the master bath and bedroom that was filled with book cases and cabinets that Doug wanted to have in his office. The change began.

This room was a little "office", a den, and just off the master bathroom. It was very masculine with truly hideous 1980s wallpaper and oak built in's to the ceiling. The original wood plantation shutters were in great shape so those only needed to be painted. And the hardwood floor was refinished with the rest of the home. But first we took out all the wood cabinets and stored them in the garage while we worked on this room and what was to become Doug's office (the "bonus" room) over the garage where we would reuse these all wood cabinets.

Each wall of this "den" had enough room to create hanging shelves on the parameters. We removed the valance, the wallpaper and painted everything.

On the wall where the most cabinets hung we opened up the wall to the master bathroom adding a frosted glass pocket door.

On the opposite wall there is a door to a small "inner" closet where I store coats, suitcases and out of season items. We hung a pretty silk and crystal lamp from the ceiling. I had the green chair and ottoman from NJ that fit beautifully. I put in a dressing table with is by the front window for excellent make-up light.

And then.

We moved all those cabinets to Doug's new office: The Bonus Room over the garage, which is now dubbed, Doug's Tree House.

This room looked very different when we bought the house. It had nasty carpeting, it was a not-so-pretty shade of blue and it functioned, we supposed, as some sort of TV room. For Doug, this is his office, his hangout.

The room has 2 very nice skylights and good size front windows.

First phase of installing the cabinets that used to be in what is now my Closet/Dressing room

We added a laminate flooring so our lovely area rug from NJ had a prime spot. Most of the furniture we had in various NJ rooms. Doug found a new desk he liked. And the walls are now painted a handsome gold/beige and all his favorite memorabilia and travel prints are on the wall. Good size flat screen, two leather recliners. It's Doug mecca.

There is even a convenient, full, bath room up there.

He's loving his Tree House

Oh, and he still got a closet.....

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