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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

Be Our Guests

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Welcoming visitors to our new home is a priority. The room we designated as the guest space is small but it had a functioning ensuite full bath that just needed some fixing up. In the scope of this renovation this room needed the least.

And yet, it did require some elbow grease and some rejuevenation. We ripped out the nasty old carpeting and took down the drapes and rods. The blinds were in good shape; just took them down, cleaned them and put them back up. We painted the walls a crisp white with just a hint of blue (BM Tundra). The trim is white. I have a collection of blue and white from way back. Most is just inexpensive pieces but I love the effect and have used it in various spaces over the years. This time I chose a deep navy blue carpeting to ground the room.


1980s curtains, wallpaper border, popcorn ceilings and a queen size bed.

Ripped off the bathroom door to make way for the new barn door

We wanted to keep our king size guest bed so that meant getting creative with the space. The “door” from the bathroom to the bedroom took up way too much real estate when it was open so we replaced it with a barn door. Very cute and functional. There is a generous closet in this small room so that holds extra pillows, blankets, a couple of robes and folding suitcase stands.


Doug insisted there be a TV which I think only my brothers will bother with.

The bathroom tile was in good shape, and white. The cabinet was wood so we lacquered it in a glossy navy blue after ripped off the old laminate counter top and sink. The new sink is square and fun and nice white quartz.




We put a new sliding glass door on the shower, painted and hung a mirror, new towel bars and hardware and a shelf. The backsplash is navy penny tile surrounding Dutch tiles we bought in Amsterdam. Voila. New(ish) guest bathroom!

One of the best parts of this little get-a-way is the view. A restful retreat just itching to be used!

We are open for business. We’d love to show you our island, our community, our home and our city, Savannah.

Reservations are now being taken.

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