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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

Garbage trucks, washing machines and that last step is a doozy

Our first 2 weeks living in Savannah had us camped in a Marriot Town Suites about 3 miles from the house. We needed (or I should say I needed) to be on site for the last stages of renovation before we could move in. Doug would come over to the house daily to observe and offer some thoughts, however he spent most of his time at the desk in our hotel room with WIFI and quiet. One of his big tasks was to get his Georgia drivers license. Since, I’d just done this in February he had no issues and had it in hand the first morning. Check. On his way back to our house he was stopped at a red light when he saw a large county garbage truck roll up behind him. The truck inched and inched and eventually moved right into the back of Doug’s car. Crunch.

The driver was in complete fault and was ticketed. It was a county truck, so Doug was told he had to present the county 2 bids for the repairs. In a town we’d lived in for less than 24 hours we did not know where to start this search. We went to a dinner party that week where we received good recommendations. Doug has visited them both and the repairs are forthcoming.

Later that first week I was shopping Lowe’s for a washing machine and dryer. I’d been doing research online for weeks and at this point I had determined I needed to test the washer top loaders (which I prefer to the front loaders) to see which ones where I could touch the bottom of the drum. As I reached inside one, the top lid came crashing down on my head, missing my eye but creating a big egg above my eyebrow. I saw stars. The floor staff had a chair under me and a cold pack over the wound in minutes. I was dizzy. But they treated me with concern and after a half hour we all determined I was going to be fine. My search for a washer dryer continued. With stellar help and a nice discount, I did not buy the washing machine brand that hit me.

There are several steps down from our home into our garage. Racing, with boxes, I missed the last step and took a fall bruising my elbow, knee and a few ribs. It could have been a lot worse. There are still workmen here every day. I’ve had to learn to slow down and take my time. I’m anxious for the renovations to be complete. It will get done. I can see the finish line.

We arrived, permanently, in Savannah, Georgia on March 28, 2017. Our first weekend we visited the Savannah Forsyth Park Farmer's Market which is stellar.

On River Street in Savannah we arrived to see the Georgian azaleas in bloom. The Talmadge bridge heads to South Carolina, and specifically an easy drive to Hilton Head.

The Landings at Skidaway Island, Georgia. This is the Delegal Marina on the south end of the island. We have another marina at the north end. And 6 championship golf courses in-between!

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