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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

Top Shelf

In our last home we had a large walk-in pantry that I very much used and enjoyed. So I wanted to see about creating space for one in this, much smaller, home. Originally, just off the kitchen, was a small laundry room. Actually way too small to function as a laundry room but the location, and the size, would work well for my new pantry.

(the original laundry room)

The demolition of this room required removing wallpaper, a popcorn ceiling and linoleum flooring. There was a built in wall-iron that we were able to salvage and reuse in the new laundry room.

We extended the hardwood floors to this room, removed the door and moved the wall slightly to enlarge the hallway.

The room is still plenty big enough for shelving and storage. The closet designer doing our bedroom closets came up with some good storage and space options with his design. I love that there is a window; just an interesting detail and good light. I did add some track lighting and then we are hanging a modern Barn Door on the outside. Just ordered. It will function well for this room and is a cool design element to the hallway. Almost there.

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