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  • Karen Terhune Duncan

Space Station

I love closets.

As a kid I had a spacious walk-in that as a teenager I painted red. I was never going to be allowed to paint my whole room red, but my mother consented to the closet. I found an old dresser in the basement I plastered with decals, and hung a funky glass light fixture wired together from junk. It was cool space and launched my love affair with closets.

In each of our previous homes I’ve hired professionals to rework closets for the maximum space and efficiency. With this home, because there are not basements on island properties, we reworked rooms to allow for generous closets. In the master bath there were 2 his/her closets back to back. Not especially large and outfitted with wire racks. We gutted these rooms, opened up the wall between, closed up one of the entry doors and it’s going to be Doug’s large walk-in.

The old His/Hers closets with wire racks and pink walls. Now, gone.

We took down the wall between the His/hers to make Doug's walk in.

In front of the house next to the Master bath was an “office” with 1980s wallpaper and tons of built ins. My contractor was able to remove all the oak bookcases and cabinets and we will rework them into Doug’s office. This opened up a nice room to create my walk in dressing room/closet. Nirvana. My dream closet, finally.

The "office" before we gutted.

These cabinets will all be reworked into Doug's office. Wallpaper came down.

Wallpaper gone and the room is opening up.

New walls and new doorway from the bathroom to my new sitting room/closet.

Once the bathroom was gutted they installed a pretty sliding door with privacy glass, removed the wallpaper, refinished the hardwood floors and painted everything. It will have a chandelier and great lighting, a make-up vanity, island and chaise chair and ottoman. And a place for everything.

I hired a local closet company and the designs are being finalized. I may have champagne with my girlfriends in mine.

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